Notes now offline

Hey everyone, and thanks for using A2 Psychology 101 throughout the years!

Sadly, a DMCA complaint has been filed against the notes hosted on these sites, as they contain a significant amount of material from various textbooks and other sources. Although these notes are purely for students’ revision purposes and never have I made any profit from these notes, I have decided as a precaution to remove all notes of each subject from the Revision 101 series, to prevent further copyright claims. 

Sorry to those who have used these revision notes in the past, but it is not something I can dispute as when I wrote these notes they were heavily lifted from various textbooks!

Good luck revising and thanks for using my notes again!

Dan Holloway (dxh142@student.bham.ac.uk)

P.S. Please can I ask that you do NOT email me asking to send you my notes. It is unlawful for me to continue distributing the notes and so under no circumstances will I be giving out the notes to those who email me asking for them. Instead, you can use this textbook below which caters for the same Edexcel course:



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